About the Ukrainian Education Center

Is one of the leading educational companies in Ukraine since 2007. The company offers its services within its offices in Ukraine and through their legally authorized agents in The Middle East such as in Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt.


   Our Vision

The current form of the world differs from that of the past, the world's countries have become a single global community, and the vision of the Ukrainian Education Center is to enable students around the world to have the opportunity to study abroad. Enabling them to compete in the global working market. The experiences that students gain from studying abroad will improve their personalities for life. The Ukrainian Education Center is honored to participate in helping students study abroad and fulfill their dreams.


Our Methods

The Ukrainian Education Center relies on full clarity in the details with the students and the implementation of the successful experiences of international companies to ensure that the process of submission and communication with universities is in a proper manner and to ensure several options for the students to achieve their goals. 


Our Message

The Ukrainian Education Center aims to help students around the world and provide them with the best opportunities to study abroad and facilitate the process of admission to universities to open the opportunity for students to achieve their goal.


Our Standards

The most important feature of the Ukrainian Education Center is the vast experience and credibility that is one of the most important factors for the success of the company, and the commitment to our promises to students made a good reputation for all our students. We seek to give opportunities and explain the important details for students to achieve the principle of transparency, which is one of our most important standards.


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