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Student Service Center

- As a student service center, the company helps you get the best information, processes and procedures you need to study in Ukrainian universities as well as many other benefits.



- Counseling for all students wishing to study and help them in choosing their university specialization. The Center and its staff will follow up on the student's options and study the compatibility and response between the  options and the marks obtained by the student and its suitability with the tradeoffs of the whole Ukrainian universities and clarify the opportunities        that best suit the student.


Recognized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education

- Our main office is recognized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, most universities and the center is recognized by all       competent bodies        within Ukraine,         which gives us the capacity to       represent the       student       legally.


Our Main Services:

- Information about universities.

- Quickly extract the admission letter.

- Reception at the airport.

- Registration in the university.

- Residency processing.

- Health insurance processing.

- Providing a place in university housing.

- Hotel reservations.

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